Editorial | Thank You, Teachers


Kathleen Lewis

This week, our staff would like to recognize all of the wonderful teachers who have made our high school experience so special.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, our staff has decided to share their stories about the teachers who have left a positive impact on their lives.

“A teacher who has made a huge impact in my life is probably Maria Gonalez, my 8th grade MYP English Teacher. This was my first year at Gulliver and I was really struggling with getting used to a new school and new state. Mrs.G helped me write my end of the year paper. She willingly sacrificed her own time to let me work on it with her during lunch and after school. There she sat next to me and helped me to formulate a good argumentative essay. This has impacted my writing and I use a lot of things I learned from her in my work even to this day. Also, Mrs. G sends all of her student birthday cards,” said junior Ainsley Kling.

“The teacher that had the most influence and impact on my life was probably Mr. Morell. In the beginning of this school year I used to be in his directed study class. At first I used to think he was more of a strict teacher but after Mr Charron left the school and Mr Morell took his place as my engineering teacher, I grew closer to Mr. Morell and realized how nice of a person and teacher he is. I can ask and talk to him about anything and he’ll be there listening and wanting what’s best for me,” recalled sophomore Eduardo Kingston.

“A teacher who has left a positive impact on my life is Ms. V, she truly is always there for her students and has helped me face any challenges. She knows her stuff and is one of the most brilliant people I have met. Mrs. Arango is also amazing, she truly had confidence in me to be the best even on the days where I felt the worst,” said Junior Madi Aguilera.

“There are a good few teachers that really had more of an impact on my life than they think. Through our in-between conversations about different topics, I’ve truly learned more from these people than most authority figures in my life. And for that, I’ll always be grateful, even after my time in high school is over,” reflected senior Julian Concepcion.

“This year more than ever I’ve felt a close bond with my teachers. I have a great deal of respect from everyone that I learn with and genuinely look forward to stepping into class because of the personalities that shine through from every single one of my teachers. One of the teachers I’m most thankful to is Mrs Rodriguez. At this point, she feels more like my at-school-mom than she does my teacher, and I can’t thank her enough for imbuing in me my passion for telling stories through all different mediums,” commented Junior Paulino Mercenari.

On behalf of The Raider Voice, thank you, teachers for everything you do!