Editorial | Your Back to School Message from The Raider Voice

Paulino Mercenari, Editor-in-Chief

Time and time again, our school has had to adapt to change. This year is no different. With the news of the CDC lifting quarantine recommendations and COVID-19 infections remaining at a manageable level, the challenge that used to be living in the “new normal” reality seems less and less formidable. However, this year will hold new challenges that we must adapt to.


The removal of the Sean Taylor Memorial Field, the scarce availability and volatility to parking spots, and some classes being held in temporary mobile classrooms are all changes brought about by the breaking of new ground in the school’s Phase III construction plans. With so much change around us, we the team at The Raider Voice are dedicated to making sure you always remain informed about what’s going on in our campus community. Whether through exclusive interviews, unique student perspectives, or on-the-ground coverage, we at The Raider Voice will be working to make sure you know exactly what is going on.


Just how the school itself is going through a period of great change (for the better), so is our news site. As part of our own growth initiative, the RaiderVision team will join us as we merge into a comprehensive media network, bringing specialized news coverage of the stories that matter to you and our community. We will produce podcasts, video packages and also a print magazine, extending our coverage across all of our platforms. 


We also welcome you to share your voice! If you’d like to submit an op-ed or “Letter to the Editor,” please visit the link on the top right part of our site. We also welcome feedback on any of our posts.  Our Campus Voices page is open and ready for submissions. Click here to see examples of posts from previous years.


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We thank you for your support and look forward to bringing you high-quality engaging stories that matter most to you!


We’ll be seeing you around the prep!