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Thompson in his classroom on the first day of hybrid learning. Thompson is retiring after 21 years as a Gulliver math teacher.
Craig Thompson: Gulliver Icon, Miami Sports Enthusiast, and Math Teacher Extraordinaire
Kathleen Lewis, Editor-in-Chief • June 2, 2021
Junior Jason Fieler is developing a strong presence in the musical world, receiving hundreds to even thousands of listeners for  the dozens of songs he composes and records himself. He uses music as both a personal passion and a way of bringing people together.
Meet Three Recording Student Musicians on Campus
May 26, 2021
Brief History Episode 5: Women
Brief History Episode 5: Women's Suffrage in the US
Ainsley Kling, News Editor • March 25, 2021 TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to another episode of a Brief History. Today’s...

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The Prepcast cover art, hosts Julian Concepcion and Paulino Mercenari.
Prepcast Episode 8: Inside "Virtual Survivor"
Paulino Mercenari and Jason Fieler March 3, 2021 Out of the pandemic have emerged new ways for people and their friends to stay...

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