Editorial | Class of 2022: You’re More Than a Resume


Kathleen Lewis

Many members of the Class of 2022 will receive Early Decision and Early Action results from colleges this week.

Many of us have been eagerly anticipating this week. Some of us have been dreading it. Regardless of whether this week will contain some of the best days of our lives, or the opposite, or something in between, the critical time when many Early Decision and Early Action results come in has arrived for the Class of 2022.

This is a reminder that you’re much more than what’s on your resume. Your self-worth and future success are not based on the judgements of an invisible admissions department. Yet the process is nerve-wracking and unpredictable, and the next few weeks are likely to be an emotional rollercoaster. As we brace ourselves for the decisions to come, keep in mind that whatever the future may hold, your hard work will pay off, even in ways you don’t expect.

Acceptances will be elating, and rejections will definitely sting. Oftentimes it can feel like the world is out to get us, but these challenges are defining moments in our teenage years: think of them more like stepping stones than hurdles.

Nevertheless, this week is going to pass by like any other week in the year. We’re going to watch our class discover its future, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We wish you the best of luck!
Your seniors on The Raider Voice staff