Editorial | “The Raider Voice” Recognized at FSPA State Competition

Our staff attended the FSPA state journalism convention alongside the staffs of the Raider yearbook and RaiderVision news show. The Raider and Reflections literary magazine were both recognized with distinguished “Sunshine Standout” awards.

Kathleen Lewis, Editor-in-Chief

On Apr. 22, The Raider Voice staff traveled to Orlando, Fla. alongside the staffs of the Raider yearbook and RaiderVision weekly news show to attend the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) spring convention.

In addition to attending sessions led by local journalists, we were honored to receive a number of awards for our work and be recognized at the convention ceremony. Our staff received the following awards:

     “Best of the Best” in Campus News Story: 400 Signatures Gathered on Petition to
     End Mask Mandate By Kathleen Lewis, Eduardo Kingston, and Paulino Mercenari

     “All-Florida” in News Website: The Raider Voice

     “All-Florida” in Review: Vibra Urbana Exceeds Expectations By Jade Garcia

     “All-Florida” in Campus News Story: Banned: Is Baby Powder Worth the Risk? By Samantha Gitlin

     “All-Florida” in Off-Campus News Story: Olympic Doping Scandal Raises Concerns Among Athletes By Sara

     “Excellent” in Off-Campus News Story: Will the Pandemic Save Local News? By Kathleen Lewis

     “Excellent” in Podcast: Black History Month (feat. Dr. Keitha Burnett) By Ainsley Kling

     “Honorable Mention” in Editorial: When Your High School Athletic Career Ends By Kathleen Lewis

     “Honorable Mention” in Podcast: A Conversation with Upper School Principal Jonathan Schoenwald By Paulino Mercenari

On Saturday, we enjoyed an exciting day at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure before heading back to Miami. Although unfortunately not all of our staff members were able to attend, the trip proved a productive, memorable, and fun experience to finish the year across the Digital Mass Media Department. 

We are so grateful for all of the support we have received this year from our school community — without you, this truly would not have been possible.