Vibra Urbana Exceeds Expectations


Jade Garcia

Reggaeton artist Rauw Alejandro performs at the Virba Urbana festival on Dec. 18.

Jade Garcia, Social Media Editor

On Dec. 18 and 19, Miami hosted the biggest Reggaeton festival in the U.S and I was fortunate enough to attend it.

The festival started at 12 p.m. and ended at around 11 p.m. You can see that these are several hours for both days to be standing around and watching people perform, but the festival was much more than standing around. It started with the bottom of the lineup and continued up as the day grew into night. I had never been to a music festival before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a super positive experience overall.

I felt very comfortable every hour for both days because the environment felt very familiar to me. Being raised in a Hispanic household expanded my music taste to Spanish music. Everyone was there for the same reason: to dance, listen to their favorite Spanish artists perform, and have a great time with the people around them. I think Vibra Urbana did a great job on keeping the crowd active during intermissions between artists, and this kept my spirits up as I was waiting for the big performances of the night.

Although it is hard to choose, the person I was most excited to see and who I think had the best performance was Rauw Alejandro. There’s not a lot of artists out there who actually engage with the crowd, and he was definitely very involved with the crowd. There were many performances I was eager to see, but I think he stood out to me the most. It’s a wonderful thing to see everyone singing and dancing along together, even if we didn’t know each other. 

Vibra Urbana did a really good job in having enough space for people to move around in the crowd, not only to dance around but to actually be able to breathe. People who live in Miami might be somewhat used to the heat, but others that traveled to attend this festival might not be so used to it. So, I think that having a lot of room around the stage was extremely necessary and they took care of that really well. 

There were also several stations lined up, where you could buy anything to drink including water, lemonade, and more. One thing I really enjoyed was the staff working at these stations. They seemed super happy to be there and had a smile on their faces the entire day. They would sing along and dance with you as they were giving you your drink, and treated me with nothing but respect. This is something I don’t see a lot, especially in all-day events like a music festival. The staff seemed to actually enjoy serving and talking with you, which is honestly something I’ll never forget. 

There are so many positive things to say about this festival and my experience there. If I were to think of one negative thing, it would just be some of the food that was being served near the main stage. I wasn’t expecting a full meal, but I do wish there were more stands for the food that most people wanted. Overall, my experience there was a 10/10. After this, I am definitely going to be attending future Vibra Urbana festivals to come.