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Daniella Tosca
I have been apart of the Journalism program since the beginning of my high school career, and it has facilitated my growth as both a student and a person. My goal as editor of the paper this year is to get students involved and interested. Journalism has given me a great outlet to share my ideas and help get the ideas of other peers out there and published. I love to write and read and this website is truly my baby! When I first pitched the idea of making The Raider Voice an online paper, I had in mind the dream of the page being an outlet for the Gulliver Community, to be apart of the online world and ditch the old fashion print that I regarded as a waste of paper that was not as relevant or effective. Thank you for being a part of our community and reading what we have to say. Feel free to send a letter to the editor at the top right corner of our home screen or email me directly at ! WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE!

Daniella Tosca, Editor in Chief

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Daniella Tosca