Making The Perfect Happy Place: How To Zen Out A Room

Daniella Tosca

A modern living room is fresh and bright with help from the use of greenery. (Handout/TNS)

Usually, bedrooms are a space people use to calm down and collect thoughts after a long day. To find your inner zen it is important to use the ancient bases of feng shui to keep a flow of good energy. Using these easy techniques, anyone can make their room a space of relaxation.

Traditionally, zen is a form of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes meditation and promotes awareness of your thoughts, feelings and well being. Now, most people are not exactly looking to meditate exactly, but rather create a space for themselves where they can feel more cool and collected. This can be achieved through practicing feng shui. The Chinese custom used for centuries, relates to the placement and flow of chi, also known as positive energy. Although many interior designers use inspiration from these ancient techniques, anybody can follow a few simple steps to make a space more tranquil.

First, focus on the exterior. Try re-painting the bedroom in a more earthy tone. Off-white, light grey, beige or soft blue are some of the best options to promote calmness.

“Low-stimulation, watery colors will ground your room…they help calm our emotions and focus our thoughts” wrote the founder of Apartment Therapy, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan in his book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure. It is also important to keep the lighting natural, bringing in more sunlight or using soft color LED lights with dimmers. Next, keep decorations at a minimal. Clear all the clutter and try bringing nature into your room with plants and flowers.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese art of teaching in which students learn to embrace nature in all of its beauty and imperfections. Plants will bring life and color to your room and stimulate happiness.

For a final touch, add candles with scents like lavender, lilac, jasmine and sandalwood. Investing in aromatherapy diffuser can cost less than twenty dollars from major retailers such as Target, Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond. Also, a tabletop water fountains take your room to another level.

As the founder of Taoism, Laozi once said, “A thousand mile journey begins with one step.” Weather it’s a small change or a whole redecoration project, implementing  a few feng shui techniques can make a room, house, and life more zen.