Smiling Tummies


Daniella Tosca

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Smiling Tummies takes strides to fight homeless hunger and includes the whole school in their project to help those in need at the Miami Rescue Center.

Wednesday, March 21, participants gathered to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while music played on speakers in the atrium for three hours. The club racked up a shocking amount of donated supplies and school spirit in order to serve our community.

Vice President of the Sophomore class describes the energy at the event “ It’s really nice to see our community helping out and having a good time, I feel that it’s important that our students have school spirit and enjoy going back.”

In total, Smiling Tummies, with the help of all the participants, beat the number of sandwiches from last year’s event by 3,000. Impressed by the turn out, the members of the club send their gratitude to volunteers pointing out that every sandwich that was made is one more smiling tummy.