Strides for Safety

Daniella Tosca

As part of new security measures, teachers are required to lock classroom doors during the day. Some say the procedure takes getting used to, however, the majority of students feel the measure is necessary. “It’s somewhat inconvenient, but I feel safer,” said junior Laura Attarian. Photo by Daniella Tosca.

New security measures began this week with teachers locking all classroom doors during class.  Students agree with the new policy, despite recognizing a need for adjustment.

“Even though it’s a little annoying to have to knock and wait for someone to open the class door, it makes me feel more protected because I know it’s harder for intruders to get into my classes from outside,” said Junior Sofia Sacco.

After the Parkland shooting, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill to increase safety in schools through various measures such as increasing the presence of law enforcement and securing school structures. The Prep’s security measures parallel the suggestions in the new bill  with police officers on campus, continuous security guard protection at school gates, and the addition of locked doors.

“We cannot control what happens outside the gates of Gulliver; what we can control is what happens inside of the school,” said Prep Principal Jonathan Schoenwald in a recent Raider Vision morning broadcast interview.

A separate concern for some students, is the protection of classroom windows.  

“I always wonder if [the windows] are bulletproof glass because they are so big and found in almost every class. If the windows aren’t bulletproof I definitely think that would be an important investment the school should think about making,” said junior Samantha Ashbel.

Locking classroom doors during class time will mark a further step to ensure the general safety of students and faculty. More potential changes and policies could be implemented in the future.