Addressing The Situation

Daniella Tosca

The Prep’s dress code states that students who do not
wear the uniform provided by AA Uniform Company will
be reprimanded and subject to disciplinary action. What is apparently not taken into consideration is the lack of diversity in the required uniform and how it fails to uphold the many needs of students. While I understand that school wants students to appear neat and professional, more options should be available to accommodate different body types, provide better quality and offer cheaper options.

There are definitely positives in implementing a school dress code and uniform policy. It levels the playing field for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds and relieves them of feeling
a need to purchase expensive name brand clothes. In addition, it gives the school a more professional look, and relieves the pressure of having to figure out what to wear to school each day.

However, in order for the student body to look neat and professional, the clothing should fit well. It is difficult to get the student body to fully support the uniform policy, when they have limited options. Simply stated, the shorts and pants do not fit all body types. Consequently, students end up spending more due to costly alterations.

In addition, the current clothing options are not well constructed or durable. Cardigans fall apart after washes and bottoms shrink and feel stiff. This has led students to wear non- approved uniform bottoms, therefore, resulting in disciplinary action.

So, if the majority of students already do not wear the required bottoms, one has to consider why. There is a problem in the system if students willing to risk their disciplinary integrity just to wear more comfortable clothing. This does not go unseen, just look at all the kids in detention for wearing the wrong type of navy or khaki pants.

If our current uniform supplier cannot meet the needs of our students, retailers such as J Crew, Old Navy, Hollister, Target offer suitable options. Letting students have clothing that makes them feel comfortable in their own skin, allows them to focus on their school work, and maintains a professional environment are important factors that affect the Prep community as a whole.