Drama Department Set to Debut Musical The Wedding Singer

Marcela Royo

From Apr. 28-30, the Drama Department will present The Wedding Singer.

The musical consists of fun dance numbers and comedy. Drama students chose the musical because it is energized and fun to watch. Tickets will be sold for $10 at the door as well as a few weeks prior.

The play is an interactive event, involving audience members throughout the performance, making them feel as they’re part of the production. The musical is based around a man named Robbie Hart who happens to be a wedding singer. Hart has this beautiful idea of what love should be and plans to get married to the woman he is engaged to. At the wedding, the woman leaves him at the altar.

Devastated, he goes on a search to find his true self after being heart broken and continues to sing at weddings despite being sad about what happened.

“I think the message is very important and can get lost in the comedy,” said director and drama teacher Laura Alvarado.

The musical showcases every actor, whether lead or part of ensemble. Students were required to act out an 80s power ballad in honor of the musical being made in the 80s.
“We were looking for fearlessness, talent, comedic chops, and serious chemistry between each actor,” said Alvarado.

Rehearsals have already started as well as building sets and props with the help of NAHS.

“I’m excited to see how it turns out, we have been practicing on Saturdays for 4 hours and that’s just for the dances,” said junior ensemble member Britney Escobedo.

In honor of the play, there will also be a pep rally on Apr. 12 and a whole day were students will be able to dress in 80s clothing.

Some of the cast will perform at the decade-themed pep rally. There will also be other small events happening during the pep rally that

will tie in the 80s theme and other departments of the school as well.

“We were brainstorming ideas for the upcoming pep rally and some of the cast members of the production suggested the 80s theme. I think it’s going to be really fun. It’s really cool that we’re incorporating the drama and art departments,” said junior class ambassador Madison Artzt.

The Wedding Singer is already highly anticipated.