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The Student News Site of Gulliver Preparatory

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The Student News Site of Gulliver Preparatory

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The issue of Hollywood racism

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 10.15.02 AMHollywood, which offers a constant portrayal of our society, has taken it upon itself to speak out on issues like the lack of inclusion of minorities in society, using film and award ceremonies, such as the recent Oscars, as a platform. The only problem with this is the apparent pre-dominance of white actors/actresses, directors, producers etc., which limits diversity in films.

”Whitewashing” refers to white actors being cast in non-white roles. This has become a topic often mentioned in media, such as films like Dr. Strange and The Great Wall where white actors were cast for the leading roles in both films that were created as and intended to be Asian characters. Whitewashing has been around since the start of Hollywood and people of color have been fighting for equal portrayal since Hollywood’s start.

I understand that it may be difficult to always cast a diverse ensemble, but if the character was created or based on a person of color (“POC”) there should be no reason for casting someone who does not fit those characteristics, especially when there are many POC actors. The lack of diversity in previous years’ award season was obvious but this year, the recent Oscars demonstrated improvement with respect to both nominees and winners. “Moonlight,” which won the award for best picture with a predominantly black cast was a step in the right direction, although there is still much to fix.

If Hollywood wants to portray society and topics that relate to current issues, they should reach wide audiences for the best success and to do that diversity is necessary. To right this wrong, Hollywood has tried to become more diverse in casting. As an example, the Marvel’s: The Avengers, franchise recently went under heat for its lack of a diverse cast, and to right it they immediately added two actors of color. The point isn’t to just cast a POC for the sake of public satisfaction; one actor of color among the many white does not constitute as diversity.

Whether we like it or not, racism is still an issue in society. Hollywood, as a reproduction of society, should take into consideration its diversity. It has been a battle for too long and with the constant issues in our country today brought on by politics now more than ever should Hollywood, a prevalent factor in our lives, represent our society correctly and equally.

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