Golf Teams Continue to Perform Well Despite Bad Weather


Fox Mar

The girls golf team continues to improve at practice as they have many matches coming up.

Diego Collazo, Staff Writer

The boys and girls golf teams had a good start to the season, but their biggest challenger turned out to be the weather.

Despite the bad weather, the girls team still managed to play six matches. On the other hand the boys team only had four matches with many being canceled.

“It has been a season of lightning delays and the cancellation of matches due to inclement weather,” Boys Head Coach Robert Campbell said.

Some players are frustrated by the weather causing matches to be canceled.

“Hurricane Ian and other inclement weather days has affected multiple tournaments. Some are postponed but most are canceled and unfortunately this gives us as the players less of an opportunity to practice against other teams,” junior Eli Paresky said.

Even though the weather negatively affected the team, it also served for training their strength in the face of challenges.

“Our biggest accomplishment this year has been our team being resilient with all the delays and rain; they are not letting the weather get the best of them,” Campbell said.

The girls team on the other hand, were able to play most of their matches without issue.

“The biggest accomplishment this season has been watching the girls continue to improve” Girls Head Coach Kelly Mulligan said.

Even though there are some veterans on the team, many new players made a strong impact with their recent performances. 

“We have two new freshmen and a couple middle schoolers this year that have been great assets and have contributed to the team a lot,” Mulligan said. 

Both teams aim to play more matches and continue to improve throughout the season with aspirations of making it to states.

With the strongest of the hurricane season seemingly having come to an end, both teams hope inclement weather will not play a factor in games for much longer.