Avery Simon’s Charcuterie Board Business: Where It Started and Where It Is Now


Avery Simon

Simon began making charcuterie boards in May of 2020 as a creative outlet to pass the time. The hobby quickly turned into a profitable business gaining much community recognition.

Anya Gruener, Copy Editor

Junior Avery Simon intricately places each piece of sweet treats to form the hottest item on her menu: The Sweet Charcuterie Board, which features a mix of classic candies, chocolate dips, and sweet goodies.

Simon began making charcuterie boards in May of 2020 as a means of expressing her creativity and finding a means to occupy her time. 

“During COVID I didn’t have anything to preoccupy myself with, so I began experimenting with forming charcuterie boards. I was able to develop this skill and learn how to make really nice assortments,” Simon said.

Although it began merely as a hobby, her passion for crafting these edible assortments has grown to be much more than a fun project. 

“After posting a picture of one of my boards online it received a lot of attention. I realized that people really did like my work,” Simon said. “Many began asking me to make boards for their events and that is basically how my business started.”

Her business has since accumulated much recognition within the community. Simon’s mother, Perri Young, is amazed at how much her daughter’s business has grown

“This process has been quite crazy. It has really been a nice surprise to see how much traction her business has been able to accumulate. It has involved a lot of trips to the supermarket and a lot of afternoons busy at work, but I am glad that her hard work has paid off,” Young said.

“I have made approximately 25 boards since the start of my business. I now have my own instagram to show off my work and to receive orders,” Simon said. “I am quite happy that I am able to do something that I enjoy, and that others are able to enjoy it too”

Receiving one order every other week, her favorite aspect of the process is the impact her charcuterie boards have on others.

“My main goal is to make people happy. My favorite part of the job is dropping off the boards and seeing how excited people get when they finally see the finished product,” Simon said. 

“I ordered my first charcuterie board for a family dinner after bumping into the Instagram account online. It was truly a hit– everyone loved not only how the board looked, but also the great variety and flavors beautifully displayed,”Alexis Cohen said. 

Simon looks forward to further growing her business and continuing to make an impact on her customers.