Student Government Plans Out the Holiday Season


Otto Hellmund

Student government brainstorms ideas for possible events during a meeting.

Otto Hellmund, Staff Writer

With the holidays approaching, the student government reveals their plans for activities and events which will take place the week before winter break, teaching students about different cultures from countries across the globe while still maintaining the concurrent festive theme and further nourishing the school spirit.

“I find it important to celebrate everyone’s differences, so with that in mind we will be showcasing respective festivities to raise awareness about different customs and traditions around the world,” Sophomore Class President Neelesh Pandey said. 

The first planned upcoming event to showcase various cultures from around the world is World Cup Jersey Day, where students will be allowed to wear their favorite World Cup team’s jersey to school on Dec. 9. 

“I am grateful to have this experience to showcase my origins. I can’t wait to wear my Moroccan jersey and support my country,” senior Paul Karam said.

Another event which students are looking forward to is Gingerbread Day. Taking place on Dec. 12, students will be able to build gingerbread houses during their advisory period to celebrate the holiday season. 

“I can’t wait to compete against my friends during advisory on Gingerbread Day to see who ends up making a cooler gingerbread house,” junior Max Henein said.

Not only will students be given the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with Gingerbread Day, but also with Ugly Sweater Day, which will take place on Dec. 16. Students will wear a holiday sweater of their choice and be able to enjoy latkes and hot chocolate during lunch. 

“I am looking forward to wearing matching Santa Claus sweaters with all of my friends. It is such a cool way to celebrate the holidays during school time,” sophomore Oscar Valencia said.

Student government hopes that the entire Upper School population will take part in these activities, from students to faculty.

“I can’t wait to see these events in action and am excited for this holiday season,” Pandey said.