Chet Faker disappoints at Art Basel concert

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Faker performing on Dec. 3 as a part of Art Basel. Photo by Kayla Sharp.

Faker performing on Dec. 3 as a part of Art Basel. Photo by Kayla Sharp.

By Aurora Hermida

Electronic DJ Chet Faker performed live on Dec. 3 at Magic City Studios. Faker came out on stage past midnight, despite the concert starting time of 9:00pm. The crowd was restless and expected a live electronic show, but when Faker began performing, there was yet another let down.

“I expected to hear some of his most famous songs, like ‘Drop the Game,’ but when he came out he began to perform music that was somewhat rock and somewhat alternative. Not that it was bad, I just expected to know the songs I was listening to,” stated senior Kayla Sharp who attended the show.

Chet Faker, or Nicholas James Murphy has been in the spotlight since 2011. Faker has had a very unique performing style in the past, tying alternative vocals into electronic back beats. He regularly collaborated with other popular DJs such as Flume in his remix of “Drop the Game,” which peaked at number five on the Australian Dance Music charts.

Faker performed on Dec. 3 as part of Miami’s Art Basel.

“I had previously seen him live and it was one of the best concerts of my life. I had really high expectations when I heard he was coming to town again, but yet I was completely let down when I went to the concert. He came out so late that we had to leave his performance early,” said senior Pedro Goldberg.