University of Miami biomedical engineering professor speaks to Prep biomedical students


Talia Pfeffer

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The biomedical program welcomed University of Miami’s Dr. Ashutosh Argarwal to present his work on developing artificial organ platforms and using stem cells and nanotechnology on Tuesday Dec. 2 in the library.

Dr. Argarwal spoke about how his experimentation, with the help of his students, are changing the timeliness and cost of drug production, without having to test on animals or humans. These experiments are called “Organs on Chips” which tests the efficacy of drugs and medical treatments.

“I thought Dr. Argarwal brought good insight about the future of medicine, as well as how the future is interdisciplinary,” said junior Lauren Lugones.

The scheme of biomedical sciences are becoming more and more interconnected and are allowing for varieties of interests to work together. This, Argarwal said, is the present and future of science that will make this generation great, and will eventually create personalized medicine for every patient in need of it.

Students were able to take a glimpse into the future of science with the information presented by Dr. Argarwal.