Japanese Exchange Students Participate in U.S.-Japan Treaty Simulation

Bianca Corgan

IMG_9880On Thursday, Nov. 20 Social Studies teacher Mr. Patrick Griffin and the Vice Consul of Japan in Miami, Mr. Hirotaka Mizutani gave students the opportunity to participate in a U.S.-Japan Treaty Simulation.

Griffin explained that students acting as U.S ambassadors negotiated with the Japanese exchange students regarding the placement of Japanese military bases on American soil. The simulation did not reflect current events, however it was based off of previous treaties that allowed U.S bases on Japanese soil. The Japanese students were notified upon their arrival in Miami, and were given a few days to prepare prior to the event.

“It was an exciting experience because we had to negotiate a treaty with the Japanese to determine where they were going to have their military bases in the U.S,” said junior Ana Silva.

Each student was assigned a particular state and worked to make sure the bases resulted in positive results.

“As a senator from Mississippi, I had to think about how the placement of military bases would affect my state in terms of defense and economics,” said junior Katrina Pardo.

The simulation was facilitated through an app that tracked the stats of the military bases created by junior Luis Vera under the supervision of computer science teacher Mr. Dean Morell. The app presented the participant with information about the militaristic, political and economic benefits that might result from the military base being built in a certain state.

After negotiations, each state had to create a proposal to present to Japan that explained where they preferred the bases to be located.

“It was an engaging experience for the students and I hope that it will continue to be a tradition for many years to come,” said Griffin.