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The Student News Site of Gulliver Preparatory

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Taylor Swift Kisses Country Goodbye


With her new album 1989, Taylor Swift demonstrates her new, distinctly pop sound, while still holding on to her quirky and lovable personality.

Known for her country-pop style and lovesick ballads, Swift decided to break away from her country roots and establish herself as a pop artist with her single “Shake It Off” and the rest of her 1989 album. Although a few of her songs are rumored to be about ex-boyfriend Harry Styles, this album has the least heartbreak compared to her older music.

When “Shake It Off” hit the music scene in August, there was a collective frustration regarding the catchiness of the song, because love it or hate it, it seemed to be stuck in everyone’s heads, including my own. Considering the success of  “Shake It Off,” the rest of 1989 does not disappoint. “Blank Space” and “Wildest Dreams” are proof that Swift’s ability to write memorable lyrics is at its best.

1989 is not only an album full of catchy jams, but slower and more serious songs like “Clean” and “This Love” display Swift’s song writing abilities and vocal skills. Although a few songs contain emotional and even melancholy lyrics, tracks like “Bad Blood” and of course “Shake It Off’ dissing her critics will have ALBUM COVERyou singing along. Even if you are not a big Swift fan and don’t plan on listening to 1989, I recommend listening to “Blank Space,” “Welcome to New York” and “Bad Blood” if nothing else.

1989 rocketed to the top of the  Billboard 200 chart after its release on Oct. 27 along with “Shake It Off”, which has been number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for a few weeks running. It has received glowing reviews from critics who are loving Swift’s new sound. Rolling Stone gave it a four out of five star review, with Swift rocking the cover. Swift will kick off the 1989 World Tour in May of 2015, and will be paying a visit to Miami on Oct. 2015 for one of her last scheduled tour stops, at the American Airlines Arena.

Being a long term fan of Swift’s and having loved her 2012 album Red, I felt compelled to buy this one, but if you are not generally a big fan of girly pop music and were planning on listening to 1989 by other means, you are out of luck. Swift recently pulled all of her music from Spotify and any Youtube videos

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