Album Review: Kali Uchis’ Red Moon In Venus


On Mar. 3, Colombian American singer Kali Uchis released her third studio album titled Red Moon In Venus. Image via Apple Music

Jade Garcia, Social Media Editor

This album was highly anticipated within her fan base. Containing a mix of common genres like R&B, latin pop, and alternative, this album is perfect for anyone to enjoy. 

Many may know Uchis from her famous songs like “Dead To Me” from her album Isolation or maybe even her famous collabs with Tyler, The Creator like “See You Again” from his famous Flower Boy album. Her vocal talent along with artistry can be seen from miles away and has only gotten better.

Making a good record is quite difficult, most of the time there are only some songs that stick. Uchis never fails to meet expectations for a good, solid album. Much like her other albums, Red Moon In Venus includes some upbeat songs like “Happy Now” while also having slower, more heartfelt beats like “I Wish you Roses.”

When it comes to versatility, Uchis definitely has it. This album is so different yet a perfect mix between her first two albums. Isolation is the perfect mix between Pop and R&B, Sin Miedo (del Amor y Otros Demonios) explores her latin side as it is a mostly spanish love album, and now with Red Moon in Venus there is a perfect mix with english songs as well as some spanish songs that blend Pop and R&B perfectly like “Como Te Quiero Yo” and “Hasta Cuando”. This album radiates a powerful feminine and delicate energy with the instrumental and beats of each song.

One of the most popular songs on the album titled “Moonlight” shows the audience the way her voice effortlessly floats over the instrumental, conveying both vulnerability and strength. Her ability to convey emotion through her vocals is honestly a testament to her artistry as a singer. This song has actually taken off on TikTokwith it being the backtrack to a whole trend showing your before and after pictures. 

One thing about Uchis is that she never misses when it comes to who she chooses to feature on her album. Features include Omar Apollo on “Worth the Wait ”, Don Toliver on “Fantasy”, and Summer Walker on “Deserve Me”. All of these artists have made several R&B songs and are very versatile in genre as well so these picks were honestly the best she could have made for this album. 

I believe song order is very very important in an album as it can tell a story or even just convey a feeling for an album as a whole. Although she only had three featured 15 song albums, she managed to space them out perfectly to the point where you know this is a Kali Uchis album. The order of the songs give this album a sense of individuality as well as bringing you different moods. One of my favorite transitions is at the very end of the album when transitioning from “Moonlight” a heartfelt and slow song to a more upbeat song like “Happy Now.”

Kali Uchis knows what she’s doing in the music industry. From combining different genres as well as creating bilingual albums, she has reached so much success already and still has so much more to go.