Congrats Eddy!


Julian Concepcion

Our senior Sports Editor Eduardo Cachon will be attending the College of the Holy Cross.

Our staff held a celebration on the seniors’ last day of school, May 7. (Monica Rodriguez)

We at The Raider Voice would like to congratulate and honor our one graduating senior, Sports Editor Eduardo Cachon, for his contributions and dedication during his two years on staff.

Eddy and his famous pretzels in last year’s “Brooklyn 99”-themed staff video.

As a talented athlete himself, Eddy always brought knowledgeable insight to his interesting and detailed coverage of sports games and seasons, spanning from his own sport of football, to basketball, lacrosse, soccer and more. He never failed to demonstrate his strong Raider pride, and contributed significantly to our award-winning special report about concussion prevention. Eddy has been an invaluable member of the staff, and we wish him best of luck at The College of the Holy Cross!