Freshman Luciana Hornstein’s Kindness On and Off the Field


David Hartnett

Freshman Luciana Hornstein is making an effort to become a valuable member of the school community by her involvement in soccer and commitment to spreading kindness.

Anya Gruener, Multimedia Editor

Kindness has always been Luciana Hornstein’s main goal off and on the field. Hornstein has been playing soccer since she was three years old. Playing on a soccer team has allowed her to learn the value of kindness, and her strong ideals have benefited both her team and her community. 

“I believe that as a participating player in The Key Biscayne Travel Team, I should not only play my best but also give back to the community,’’ Hornstein said.

Luciana Hornstein and her sister, senior Julia Hornstein after the girls’ soccer team won the district championship in February. (David Hartnett)

When she first started playing soccer, Hornstein realized the value of kindness not just in a team, but on a wider scale. In order to achieve this, she joined the Girl Scouts and later won the Good Neighbor award for bringing compassion to her community. She also won a similar award in her soccer team. Although she is no longer part of the Girl Scouts, she has continued to practice kindness through community service and through helping others in her team. As a single player, she has done her best to spread her motto to other players.

“When Luciana realized that I was struggling on certain drills during soccer practice, she started helping me,” said freshman Victoria Figueroa. “This inspired me to continue this cycle and help others who were struggling as well.”

Hornstein extends her kindness across her community, including her school community. She makes an effort to always be there for her friends and peers. 

“I have been Luciana’s friend for the past four years, and have been able to experience her immense kindness first hand. She is always there for all of her friends, including myself,’’ freshman Sofia Gershanik said. 

As she continues to grow as a soccer player, she hopes to also grow her kindness and her positive impact on her community and on her team.