Families Celebrate National Energy Conservation Day on Dec. 14


Anya Gruener

A graphic showing small ways to preserve energy at home.

Anya Gruener, Video Editor

To celebrate National Energy Conservation Day on Dec. 14, families across America are doing their part by taking note of their energy usage and establishing habits that they feel have an impact on the environment, even in small ways.

First created in 1991, National Energy Conservation Day often goes unknown, but with the heightened issue of global warming in social media and the news, people have become more conscious of their power usage. Energy conservation helps to reduce carbon footprint, therefore creating a healthier planet and sustaining the planet’s resources.  Social media has made a large impact on the spread of National Energy Conservation Day. As people learn of the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, they begin to participate in Nation Energy Conservation Day by conserving power on a regular basis. Those who do choose to participate, either knowingly or unknowingly, are finding ways to conserve power in multiple ways.

Alexa Kalach celebrates National Energy Conservation Day by turning off her computer and turning off her lights, therefore preserving energy. (Anya Gruener)

“I am a very environmentally conscious person. [National Energy Conservation Day] has encouraged me to share my energy conservation tips with others,” said Alexa Kalach, a freshman in college. “Some things I do to conserve power are using natural light whenever possible, using LED bulbs instead of regular bulbs, and turning off lights and electronics when they are not being used.”

Social media an websites have made it easier to spread the word about National Energy Conservation Day, thus encouraging people — such as Kalach’s senior brother, Rafael Kalach — to participate.

“I first learned about National Energy Conservation Day through a post on Instagram. I looked further into this holiday, and felt a need to participate and help our planet,” he said. “On National Energy Conservation Day I try to use as little electricity as possible by using less hot water, using less appliances, and unplugging any items which are sucking up energy.’’

Schools have also started teaching about the importance of conserving electricity, encouraging children to pay attention to their energy use and learn ways to help the environment. Seven-year-old Daniella Kalach learned about the national holiday in school and has chosen to participate by preserving power. 

“I learned about conserving energy in first grade,” said Kalach. “Two ways I conserve power are by turning off my iPad when I am not using it and turning off my lights when I leave my room.’’ 

People all over America, including the Kalach family, are choosing to celebrate National Energy Conservation Day by conserving power, an important way to protect the environment.