Mystery-Comedy Blend Knives Out Lives Up to Its High Ratings


Daniel Craig, from left, Chris Evans, Noah Segan and Lakeith Stanfield in “Knives Out.” [Claire Folger/Lionsgate]

Kathleen Lewis, Copy Editor

Take a classic Christie-style murder mystery, add a modern-day dysfunctional family and a dash of humor, and you have the brand-new critically-acclaimed film “Knives Out.”

The film, which arrived in theaters on Nov. 27, received a remarkable 97% on the entertainment-review website Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.1/10 on IMDb. It features a notable cast including Daniel Craig of upcoming James Bond: No Time to Die, Jamie Lee Curtis of Halloween and Freaky Friday, and Chris Evans of the Avengers series.

But does the movie experience truly match the numbers?

The answer: yes. The majority of viewers will enter the theater to Knives Out with high expectations, and the majority will leave with those expectations satisfied at the very least. The movie escalates through a rollercoaster plot of twists and turns, as to be expected of any mystery-genre film, but ultimately the heart of Knives Out is in its entertaining cast of quirky characters.

The film follows a curious detective’s investigation of the mysterious death of a wealthy patriarch on the evening of his eighty-fifth birthday. He and two clueless police officers must interview his assortment of pretentious family members and his well-intentioned, but troubled personal nurse Marta. Not only does Knives Out pose an interesting take on a murder mystery, but it also serves as a commentary on modern America’s social and political status. It not-so-subtly explains that everyone has an agenda of their own and in today’s world, it is difficult to know who to trust.

Director Rian Johnson does an exceptional job keeping the audience interested with a series of red herrings and plot twists, while smoothly throwing in humor and running jokes to lighten the tension. Knives Out is a great choice for mystery lovers, comedy lovers, and movie lovers alike, and despite all the hype from critics, viewers will not be disappointed.