Seniors Receive Their Class Rings


Anya Gruener

Each student from the class of ‘23 walked through the ring to commemorate their rite of passage in their academic career.

Anya Gruener, Copy Editor

On August 29, 2022, members of the senior class were presented with their class rings, a physical symbol of the students’ dedication and perseverance throughout their academic career.

“Each ring is a unique symbol of pride, class unity, and school recognition. It is a special way of helping us remember our high school days, while showing others our commitment to education,” said Lia Fletcher, the senior class social media director. 

The event occurred at the Upper School Miller Campus from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Current seniors were overjoyed with the ability to not only receive an item commemorating their graduation, but also with the ability to personalize their ring based on the activities they participated in throughout their schooling.

“I designed my ring to have the new Gulliver crest on the face of the ring,” said senior, Ainsley Kling. “I went through this hassle of customization as for me personally I don’t think the old crest was my Gulliver; my Gulliver is the newer crest. I wanted my ring to truly showcase and commemorate my high school career. ”  

Not only were parents proud of their children’s hard earned recognition, but also faculty and staff who facilitated the success of the current senior class. The Director of Student Activities, Mrs. Bowen, was especially pleased after having had a large part in the planning and enablement of the big day. 

“It was exciting to see the Class of ’23 receive their class rings on Monday. Having the ceremony at the beginning of senior year continues the tradition of the class ring while adding that “This is our senior year” vibe to it. It’s also fun to see how each student personalizes their ring; they’re always different and reflective of the student’s interests and passions,” Mrs. Bowen said. 

During the event, senior class president, Gabriela Lemus, spoke highlighting the milestone achievement of the ‘23 class. 

“We have worked hard to achieve this rite and promise you, our administrators, that we, the Class of 2023, will wear our school name proudly and guard its reputation with pride and honor,” said Lemus.

The awarding of the class rings mark the close approaching end of an astounding era for the current senior class.