Campus Voices: An End in Sight for Hybrid Learning


On May 20, President Cliff Kling announced through an email that students must attend school in-person for the 2021-2022 school year, starting in August.

On May 20, President Cliff Kling announced through an email the administration’s decision to no longer offer a hybrid or remote learning option for the 2021-2022 school year. In other words, the current plans promise for an upcoming school year with all nearly 800 students back on campus. Members of the Digital Mass Media Department reflected on a whole school year of hybrid learning, and their expectations for the upcoming school year.

Sophomore Miranda Rodriguez

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being trapped? That’s how millions of kids and teens all around the world felt when we had to attend school from our houses via Zoom. It is really upsetting in the beginning, but then you get used to it. Luckily, going to school will be mandatory when we return in August. This may sound scary at first, especially to me, having been on Zoom since the pandemic began last March. But then I come to think about all the positive changes that will happen to students and how I will be way more productive. With in-person interaction, our grades will probably go up even more, we will be able to interact more with our teachers and students, and so much more; finally, things will go back to normal. Of course, in the beginning, it will be hard to adjust again, but everything good takes time. 

New students that started Gulliver through Zoom might be scared for this new beginning for them, as they may go from Zoom to in-person without really knowing anyone nor knowing where any of the classes are. This is how I felt myself freshman year. Luckily, there’s many new students, meaning you’re not alone! There will always be someone to help you navigate, and once you get comfortable, school actually seems to be fun. Personally, going back to school in-person seems scary in my head, as I haven’t seen anyone from school in so long, it’s maybe going to be awkward? But I’m not the only one! Many other students are going to be returning in person for the first time just like me.

Returning back to school might be difficult at first, hoping everything will go back to normal, but in the end , there’s so many new opportunities that come with returning back and I can’t wait. 

Freshman Samantha Gitlin

Inhale… exhale. That’s one phrase I had to repeat to myself for the past year. Living through a pandemic is never something I imagined I would have to endure. Starting school this year was interesting. Well actually, that’s one of one of the 1,000 words I would use to describe this year. I would stare at tiny boxes all day while taking in a lot of information at once. I was able to connect with my teachers and peers on a different level. I had to learn to adjust to the environment and my surroundings.

Although I didn’t want to stay at home all day, I had to accept the fact that this was my reality. Going forward, I am going to enjoy every second for the next three years of high school. I hope to participate in many school wide events and get to feel the full high school experience. I am so excited to see everyone face to face without being guarded by a mask or a virus. I am never going to take school for granted because in an instant I can be back in a Zoom class instead of sitting next to my friends and teachers in class.

Freshman Olivia Johnson

Something I learned this year is to not take school for granted. When we first started online and in September we finally had the option to come to school, I was begging my parents to let me attend school in-person. I realized that school was where I had fun and could see all my friends. Even though this year has been stressful and harder than other years, I am happy that it made me realize how important school is to me. I am excited for summer to come in order to relax again, take the stress off the whole year, and get ready to go back to normal next year.

Freshman Kate Cooper

Freshmen year was a wild one. I did my freshman year via Zoom but great things came out of it. I spent more time than before with my family, got more time to explore new activities, and more importantly, was not distracted in class. This school year was atypical but in the end everything worked out. This summer, as life is returning back to normal, I am looking forward to finally travel and not having to wear masks everywhere we go.

Freshman Sarina Smith

Whenever the school year comes to an end, it is good to reflect on the ways that you have changed and all that you have accomplished. This year was pretty chaotic because of the pandemic. I spent the year doing all my schoolwork from home and learning through a screen. The remote style was very new to me and challenging at times, as I know it was for other students. However, we prevailed and overcame the obstacles thrown our way. My hope is that next year we will be able to be more productive and see each other in person more frequently. If I had any advice to give during such a strange time, it would be to stay determined and never give up on your goals. Perseverance leads to success.