Advanced Seniors Showcase Work at Annual Art Show

Kathleen Lewis, Editor-in-Chief

For three days this week, seniors in advanced art classes showcased the creative work they made throughout the year. Despite challenges and a smaller event compared to previous years, students and teachers were excited to have the opportunity to see their art on display.


One end of the gym holds a scattering of desks ready for overflow classes. But the other is a dazzling display of student-produced visual art available for members of the school community to walk through and observe, as this year’s Art Show takes place over three days this week.

Seniors spent Monday setting up their own exhibits.

“[The setup] was much easier than other years, because we had to use black cloth instead of white paper, and it was also easier because of the fact that it was just seniors,” said senior Julian Ruiz-Luzio, who participated in the setup and has his own display at the show. “But it was still challenging.”

The nearly 15 total exhibits featured work created throughout the year, in art courses ranging from AP Drawing to architecture, sculpture, and more. Seniors creatively designed and constructed their own exhibits.

“I wanted to portray and showcase things frozen in time,” said senior Amanda Mechaber. “I loved making objects and animals, so I thought of ideas like that.”

Some students, such as senior Chloe Hernandez, integrated both visual and auditory elements into their exhibits to give observers an out-of-the-box viewing experience.

“I got kind of bored of my 2-D work in the middle of my senior year, and I wanted to find a different outlet that I could use creatively to express something,” said Hernandez. “I just wanted to be making things that weren’t necessarily painting. This [exhibit] was a little bit different, and that difference interested me.”

Students who walked through the displays enjoyed viewing their friends’ and classmates’ art.

“Seeing all of this art from upperclassmen is really inspiring to me as an artist,” said freshman Catalina Palazio, who visited the show with her art class on Wednesday. “It’s interesting to see how they were once freshmen with the same teacher and now they make such beautiful art.”

Despite challenges, art teachers were excited to call this year’s Art Show a success.

“We wanted to give this opportunity to the seniors, so this is a big, big deal. However, we had some difficulties and we had some things we wish we could have done differently,” said art teacher Maribel Toledo. “They have grown so much as artists, as people, and it shows through their work. I’m so happy that they had the opportunity to display their work.”

This has been Katie Lewis, reporting to you for The Raider Voice.