Colorado: A Top Spring Vacation Destination for Floridians


Anya Gruener

Freshman Ana Catherine Guimaraes enjoys the snowy scenery after a long day of skiing in Aspen, CO.

Anya Gruener, Multimedia Editor

With the cold weather and the fun slopes, it is no wonder why so many travel to Colorado over Spring Break. During time off from school last week, many students took the time to travel to this snowy paradise, including freshman Ana Catherine Guimaraeas. 

“Colorado is one of my favorite travel destinations because it offers a very different scenery and landscape than Florida,’’ said Guimaraeas. “I was recently in Snowmass, Aspen and I loved being able to see the mountains, snow, and pine trees, which I don’t regularly see. There is a certain type of magic which comes with seeing snow, after being in the hot Florida climate.”

Scenery and landscapes aren’t the only things that attract Floridians to Colorado. The vast amount of activities and outdoor adventures are another reason why so many enjoy this travel location. 

“I love traveling to Vail, Colorado, mainly because of the multiple activities which are available on the mountain,” said freshman Sofia Gershanik. “My favorite thing to do is definitely ski, but this spring break I was also able to experience snowmobiling, which I heavily enjoyed.”

Besides the outdoor activities, the small towns attract a variety of people. Ingrid Gruener, a senior, was able to visit the Vail Village while on Spring Break. 

“After a long day of skiing, going to the village is one of my favorite things to do,’’ said Gruener. ‘’There are a variety of shops and restaurants which line the cobblestone streets. In the village, I love to meet up with friends and meet new people.’’

The scenery, activities, and villages are just a few of the many reasons why Floridians love to travel to Colorado for vacation.