Students Share Spring Break Travel Plans


Anya Gruener

Many students, having been vaccinated or considering conditions now safe enough to travel, are taking the opportunity to leave Florida over Spring Break.

Anya Gruener, Video Editor

As Spring Break approaches, stretching from Mar. 29 through Apr. 5, many students have begun planning how they will spend their vacations while continuing to keep the pandemic in mind. Students, such as senior, Alejandro Altaba, are taking advantage of this break to reunite with relatives while remaining aware of the necessary COVID-19 precautions.

“I am only going to travel after I get both of my vaccines just to be extra safe, and at that point I will hopefully develop antibodies,” said Altaba. “Assuming I get the vaccines, I want to visit my family in Spain.”

Other students who have already received the vaccine also hope to use this time to travel. Senior Pepito Garcia has received both of the vaccinations.

“I have already gotten both of my vaccines, and therefore feel that it is safe for me to travel,” said Garcia. “I will also be using a mask and keeping all of the COVID-19 precautions. That being said, I am planning to travel to Dubai and Barcelona for Spring Break.”

Other students are also hoping to use this free time to make up for any lost vacations. 

“I was not able to go skiing last year due to COVID-19, so this spring break I am going to travel to Vail to enjoy the slopes,” said freshman Luciana Hornstein. “The pandemic is still a worry, but there are set precautions on the mountain as well as in the ski resorts to keep visitors safe.”

Students are excited to go on vacation for spring break, while taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions.