Commentary: Women’s Basketball Deserves Equality


(Julio Aguilar/Getty Images/TNS)

The Minnesota Lynx’s Crystal Dangerfield, left, drives against Skylar Diggins-Smith of the Phoenix Mercury in Game 1 of a second-round playoff series at Feld Entertainment Center in Palmetto, Florida, on September 17, 2020.

Madison Aguilera, Sports Writer

As this month we celebrate Women’s History Month, a sport that is overlooked and treated unfairly is women’s basketball. Everyone always talks about Lebron James and Stephen Curry, but no one ever talks about Sue Bird and Sylvia Fowles. The WNBA gets zero to no attention compared to the NBA. Not only that, the women’s salary compared to the men’s salary isn’t even close. 

Many can say the WNBA has a lack of talent, but this is not even close to being true. They play hard, they give their heart and they have the same passion for the game as the men do, yet they do not get paid the same. The average WNBA salary is $100,658.51 and the average NBA salary is $7 million. But why? This comes from the fans. The little to no fans the WNBA has makes it hard for the players’ salary to rise. They deserve more support than what they get. Their athleticism and competition in basketball lies in the heart, respect and dedication of the game. Even with their salary being so low compared to mens, they still play because they are doing what they love. 

Women’s basketball is loaded with talent, and instead of seeing slam dunks, you can see how good they play as a team. Yes, slam dunks are fascinating, but women that love to show their passion is even more. The WNBA truly does not get the recognition they deserve. The more fans they get the more money they make. The media also needs to do a better job of covering games, and putting the same energy into the WNBA posts as the NBA posts. 

As a basketball player myself, it hurts to see the WNBA not being broadcasting on ESPN. Many men talk badly about women’s sports, and think that they are superior over womens sports. We need to change this, and the equality between women and men sports needs to be better. These women put their heart and soul into basketball, and they deserve to be rewarded, not brought down.