Editorial: We Can Do Better


Paulino Mercenari

The student parking lot sits empty, as all juniors and seniors must quarantine and attend class remotely for the next two weeks.

For more information about the upperclassmen quarantine, click here for our new article.

Just like everyone else, we at The Raider Voice are COVID fatigued. We all want to see our friends, spend time with our family, play our sports, participate in our performances, and do everything that makes high school great. But in these unpredictable times, this is something that cannot be done without responsibility and accountability across the school community — this weekend, we unfortunately found out what sacrifices we have to make when our entire community does not comply with COVID protocols to keep students, teachers, administration, and staff safe.

Feelings of disappointment, rapid COVID tests, and letters to the administration shortly followed Saturday’s announcement that all upperclassmen must quarantine for the next two weeks. The blanket decision hit winter and spring athletes hard, as both are now forced to miss out on critical parts of their seasons. It also impacted many students returning to an in-person education after the holiday break.

As life during a pandemic is full of calculated risks, we have to decide what risks are worth taking, and what sacrifices we must make as a community. What is immediately clear is that we can do better. It’s a mindset and a commitment that we as a staff agree should be adopted by the school community as a whole. The end of last school year was difficult and disappointing for everyone, and all students can acknowledge that it was something that we must not let repeat.

We ask you to join us in doing all that we can to each be better members of our school community. To follow CDC established guidelines. To give athletes the chance to finish their seasons strong, and seniors the chance to enjoy all the milestones and celebrations that come with the end of high school. To help protect the health and safety of those around us. And most of all, to know that as a school, we can, and will, do better!