National Clean Your Desk Day: How to Organize Your At-Home Workspace

Anya Gruener, Video Editor

With “National Clean Your Desk Day” on Jan. 11, it is important to keep your workspace clean to maximize your productivity, especially when attending class online. Students shared organization tips and how they organize their own workspaces.


Online school has forced many students to work from home, and that means many messy desks. With ‘’National Clean Your Desk Day’’ on Jan. 11, it is important to keep your workspace clean in order to maximize your productivity. Over the online learning period, many Gulliver students have learned hacks and items which make having a clean desk easy and quick.

“I have to use a certain level organization I didn’t use before because I’m spending a lot of time at home,” said sophomore Ainsley Kling, who is currently attending school in-person but is used to switching between physical and virtual classes. “I have pen holders and pencil holders for mainly stuff that’s not as commonly used, and I also have a little filing cabinet for all my schoolwork and a bookshelf for all of my books that I use for school.”

Other students are still finding it difficult to organize their workspace.

“When managing my workspace, I’m not used to this so my desk is kind of a mess right now,” said junior and virtual student Ethan Melendi. “I try my best to keep it organized, but sometimes that doesn’t work out.”

All in all, students are trying their best to keep their workspaces clean during this online learning period.

“During this online learning period, I’ve had to adapt to life from home,” said freshman Olivia Johnson. “On my desk, I usually have a pencil holder, a few papers, and a few books. I don’t really like having any distractions on my desk because then it’s hard for me to pay attention to school.”

Online learning has been tough for all of us, but by keeping your workspace clean you will be able to maximize your learning. This is Anya Gruener, reporting for The Raider Voice.