Top 3 Best Ice Cream Places to Visit in Miami

Anya Gruener, Video Editor

Today we will be showing you the scoop on the best Ice Cream places in Miami and mentioning the different ways to get your ice cream fix whether it be a traditional go to favorite, a portable ice cream on a stick , or a really indulging gelato treat.

Whip’n Dip, a family owned ice cream shop, originally opened in 1985, continues to be “Coral Gables’ Favorite Spot for Homemade Ice Cream.” Every ice cream flavor is made in-store and all ingredients are locally sourced. All the countless homemade flavors are made in large stand up machines which offer the highest quality ice creams. The ice creams are light and fluffy. Whip’n Dip is overall the best place to go for your traditional ice cream.

Next, we are headed to Morelia. Morelia are handcrafted gourmet pops made with natural ingredients. They are made from scratch daily in Coral Gables and are produced in small batches using local ingredients of the highest quality, making them a delicious treat for any occasion.

Its pick it, dip it, and top it menu allow you to customize your popsicle to your liking. Overall, the very original flavors, hand-made, artisanal, and 100% natural ingredients make Morelia the perfect choice for a portable ice cream treat.

Next up is Stefano Versace Gelato. Their natural and delicious gelatos are made daily with the finest and freshest Italian ingredients. Voted the best gelato in the world, their gelato consists of a unique combination of delicious and high-quality ingredients imported directly from Italy. Stefano Versace Gelato truly has the best gelato in the world.

Which ice cream place are you going to visit next?