Shah Family Library and Media Center Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Kathleen Lewis, Editor-in-Chief


“I love that the library after school is super quiet, so it’s the only place I get to do my homework,” said senior Kimberley Cruz.

“I like the book wall,” said sophomore Isabella Rezk. “And I like that there are still books, because a lot of libraries now are literally just computers.”

“I think that the library is a great place to meet with your friends, especially in some of the separate areas with the Moon and the Sun,” said junior Colin Lewis.

For ten years, the Shah Library and Media Center has served its role not just as a place for students to find information, but also as a study space, hangout spot, and campus landmark. Librarians celebrated its tenth anniversary on Tuesday through balloon displays, decorative cookies, posters and more.

“This is my fourteenth year here, and I was here on the day we cut the ribbon for the opening of the library,” recalled Head Librarian Roxanne Trejos. “It was kind of a really big deal. We had a crowd of over two hundred people just waiting to get inside the building for the first time.”

Throughout the ten years of its existence, a lot has changed on the second floor as the library becomes more and more technologically advanced. Three years ago, the library had 17,000 nonfiction books; this has now been replaced by a single bookshelf and new open space for students to converge and study. Additionally, business teachers this year have begun teaching class from the sound-proof rooms known as the Cloud, the Moon, and the Sun.

“[The library] is so beautiful, with the windows, the light that comes in, and the greenery around it,” said business teacher Daniela Brenha Werlich de Abreu. “I just always felt inspired to work here, and now teaching here is really a pleasure.”

Whether with books or computers, the library continues to be a valuable information source on campus.