Island Life in Key Biscayne

Anya Gruener, Video Editor

Living in Key Biscayne, a barrier island off the coast of South Florida, many students have a much different lifestyle than those who reside on the mainland. Surrounded by two National Parks, Key Biscayne offers opportunities for water sports, beach walks, stunning ocean views, and more, despite the distance. Key Biscayne residents discuss what life is like on the island.


Over the Rickenbacker Causeway lies the paradise of Key Biscayne. Best known for its ​beaches, mangroves and tropical forests, Key Biscayne is the place to be. Key Biscayne’s tropical climate is perfect for beach days and water sports.

Besides that, Key Biscayne is enclosed by two major parks, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Crandon Park.

These parks are not just beautiful, but also historic. Cape Florida State Park goes back to 1513, to famed Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon’s first Spanish expedition to Florida, when he gave the name ‘Cape of Florida’ to this area. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is the home of the historic Key Biscayne Cape Florida lighthouse, built in 1825.

Crandon Park is another sight to see. Crandon Park is the biggest and most popular beach in Key Biscayne. Apart from Crandon Park, other smaller, secluded beaches are also popular.

Besides watersports and parks, Key Biscayne is so much more than just a sliver of land: it’s a community. The community center and the local schools are just one way people manage to stay connected.

Its tight knit community is just one of the many wonderful attributes of Key Biscayne. When are you going to come visit?