IOS 14 Update Makes iPhone Smarter and More Customizable

Anya Gruener, Video Editor

On Sept. 16, Apple released the IOS 14 update, featuring design changes, space saving measures, and new smart features.

IOS 14 users can use boxes called widgets to customize their home screens. Some widget options include displaying the time, weather, reminders, specific apps, or custom text. (Anya Gruener)

To start, Apple has redesigned the home screen, allowing the support of Widgetsmith, an app which allows home screen customization. The differently-shaped boxes, called widgets, allow users to see the information or pictures they choose at a glance. Apple users who update to IOS 14 also have a chance to customize their active displaying widgets using different colors, fonts, layouts, and pictures. Some of the available displays for widgets include weather, changes in stock market, time, battery, reminders, and custom text.

Freshman Olivia Johnson enjoys the ability to customize her home screen.

“I was inspired by the new update to make my home screen more visibly appealing,” said Johnson. “Since, I have used widget boxes to color-coordinate each of my home screens and show both the daily temperature and time.”

Apple has not only added customization features, but also space-saving measures. A new app library, featuring a folder system, allows Apple users to organize less-used apps off the main screen. A screen-hiding feature also allows for certain pages to be hidden when not being used. 

“The IOS 14 has improved how I use my phone,’’ said senior Ingrid Gruener, who especially likes the feature to hide her less-used apps. “Hiding apps I use less often allows me to find more important apps faster and easier.’’

Other smart features, such as the picture-in-picture mode, also improve the functionality an iPhone. This mode allows apps to be minimized and used at the same time as other apps. Other smart features include the Siri update. This update gave Siri further access to information, such as new language options, answers to broader questions, and the ability to respond to more complex requests. Freshman Ana Catherine Guimaraes has taken advantage of these features.

“I use the picture in picture mode when on long phone calls, as it allows me to check on other apps for important notifications,’’ said Guimaraes. 

Overall, students are taking full advantage of the new features of the IOS 14 update.