Campus Voices: Hybrid Learning Can Be Too Distracting

Kate Cooper, Campus Voices Contributor

While hybrid learning is a new concept for everyone, I like remote learning more. The main reason I like it more is because there are less distractions while learning at home than at school.

I realize that some students like in-person learning more, because many learn better in the classroom. The first two days of hybrid learning were challenging. It was hard to understand what the teachers were saying since they were wearing masks, and following the new schedule was difficult at first, but I got used to it fairly quickly. It was also hard to do group work since our partners were not on Zoom.

It felt surreal that half the class was in-person and the other half was remote. This year has brought a lot of trials for everyone, but it will get better — as time progresses, hybrid learning will become the norm and we will all flourish in it.