What’s New at The Raider Voice?


Kathleen Lewis

In these times of chaos, it’s important now more than ever that we stick together and that we share high-quality reporting. This year at The Raider Voice, we’re introducing some new changes to increase engagement, with the ultimate goal of bringing students together through journalism.

Kathleen Lewis, Editor-in-Chief

One thing we all have in common is that a lot has changed since last school year. We’ve spent the last three months experiencing a global pandemic, a social justice movement, an ongoing presidential election, and a summer unlike any other in history. We’re living in a strange time where high schoolers don’t feel safe just showing up for class. Our homes and laptops have become our classrooms, our libraries, and our hangout spots. It’s a time that calls for some unity in this vast fog of chaos.

The Raider Voice isn’t just  a student-run website about school events. It’s designed to be an outlet for all students to express themselves, share information, and write about what they believe in. It’s a place where students take the lead and where your voice matters. This year at The Raider Voice, our staff is dedicated to not only representing ourselves, but the interests of the student body as a whole. We want to bring the newspaper back to its original purpose: a space for students to communicate and to voice their beliefs through high-quality journalism.

So to the point: what’s new?

For one, we’ve started a new section called Campus Voices. Every month on our social media (@theraidervoice on Instagram and Twitter) we will put out a “topic of the month.” Submit a short, informal response for a chance to be published on our website. Feel free to also submit your own Campus Voices topics or guest articles (about anything of your choice) whenever you like. We want to hear from you, and it’s a simple way to get more involved!

Additionally, we know that the newspaper can go unseen since we don’t have a paper distribution. So every Wednesday, we will begin sending all students a short newsletter called “Your Weekly Briefing” through email, containing all the week’s biggest stories and content. You can click on the stories that interest you, and they will bring you right through to our website.

Before we wrap this up, another thing that we know about the Prep is that we can come together in times of crisis. We know how to look out for one another, and we aren’t afraid to speak up when we feel that something isn’t right. So in this unusual new school year, let’s focus on what we do best: coming together and getting through this, as one.

We look forward to sharing our journalism and to hearing what you have to say! Let’s have a great school year.