Ghost Town Miami Episode 3: Miami Beach

Kathleen Lewis, Copy Editor

One of the most popular area destinations, Miami Beach, is often the scene of bustling restaurants, heavy traffic and crowded streets. Now, like many other areas, this tourist spot is eerily empty.   

There isn’t much traffic on Collins Ave., a major road and popular tourist destination. And deeper into South Beach on Washington Ave., hosts stand outside once packed restaurants wearing masks. Many of these restaurants remain open, though only for take-out and delivery.

While restaurants struggle to stay open, South Pointe Park is downright eerie on a Saturday afternoon. There are the sounds of the wind through palm fronds and the chirps of birds, the sights of waving yellow tape and health warnings. But there are no people around.

Much of Miami’s best arts, fashion, food, and entertainment is encapsulated in Miami Beach, and it’s unusual to find its usually exciting streets quiet and empty. Yet somehow, South Beach hasn’t lost its magic. It seems to hold the hope that one day, its streets will be filled again. The culture, the music, and the energy that Miami Beach brings isn’t gone for good. Some people took time to step out on this nice day to bike or walk, perhaps enjoying the quiet streets before the town’s vibrant energy fills the air once again.