Ghost Town Miami Episode 1: Coconut Grove

Kathleen Lewis and Blake Reid


This is Coconut Grove, one of the oldest inhabited neighborhoods in Miami, and the home of some of the most famous historical and cultural landmarks the city has to offer. Now, the popular tourist destination resembles a ghost town, only occupied by occasional workers and the passing biker or runner. Emptiness has overcome the neighborhood, like the virus that pushed its residents into their homes.

Many of the Grove’s restaurants, like the Greek café Meraki and the popular bake shop Fireman Derek’s, remain open, but only for takeout.

Meanwhile, other usually bustling restaurants are closed completely, such as Harry’s Pizza, seen here.

Walking through the empty streets of Coconut Grove is a strange experience. It gives an unshakeable feeling that something doesn’t feel right. But at the same time, it reveals the true essence of the neighborhood: that the people are the key to the charm of Coconut Grove.