Students and teachers gather in the Blue Dungeon for annual Club Rush

Kathleen Lewis, Copy Editor

Every August the Blue Dungeon becomes filled with students, teachers, and many tables covered in signs and posters as the annual Club Rush event begins. Students have the chance to walk around the gym and get to know the variety of clubs they can join. This gives them many options to be engaged in the community and do service work that can later be put on college resumes, while also meeting new people and making new friends.

“I think it’s important to find your interests and find friends and people you don’t know who share those interests,” said senior Carlos Sanchez. “You can branch out of your comfort zone that way.”

There are more than sixty unique clubs available to join, all with the intention of fitting the student body’s hobbies, interests, and community service requirements. Students and teachers advocated their favorite clubs to attract new members. Here are some interesting clubs to consider being a part of.

Some clubs help students find careers and channel their interests. “We do several competitions, a lot of community outreach, and a lot of career-oriented activities,” said senior Rueben Krys, who advocated for the Business Club.

Others are focused on helping the community outside Gulliver. “Smiling Tummies is the largest service organization here at Gulliver,” said Mr. Griffin, the club sponsor. “We create peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to feed the homeless in our local community. It’s part of a national organization founded by a Gulliver student.”

Additionally, many cultural clubs are available to join. “At our club we try to bring a lot of cultural awareness about Italy,” said senior Michael Sejas, president of the Italian Club. “We do a lot of service projects regarding Italian orphanages, Italian disasters, and more.”

A fourth type of club are new academic-focused clubs founded by students. “[The math club] is to spread the idea of math, find other people who like math, and we can also do math together,” said sophomore Margaret Miao.

Students are more than welcome to create their own club, but it must be approved by the Activities Director Danielle Bowen and sponsored by a staff member. At the end of Club Rush, leaders of clubs will soon be contacting their new and old members to organize their first meetings and events.

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