Video: Business students practice marketing and sales at Monday’s Business Bake-off

Video by Kathleen Lewis

Kathleen Lewis, Staff Writer

On Monday, May 13, Introduction to Business students applied classroom concepts to real life in a fun way at the fourth annual Business Bake-Off, involving designing products and selling baked items to other students and faculty members during both lunches.

“I learned the importance of good marketing,” said freshman Martina Mengoni. “We found that by going to people and talking to them personally we can get more attention from customers.”

For weeks before the Bake-Off, participants spent time in class choosing which product to sell, determining prices and product differentiation, and designing branding.

“We prepared by making packaging, coming up with the product, to help lead up to the final idea.” Said freshman Colin Lewis, who made s’mores brownies for his project.

After creating and selling their products, students asked themselves what exactly they should do with the money they make from the Bake-Off.

“Companies in general should consider donating a percentage of their profit to a cause that they find dear to their hearts,” said Business teacher Daniela Brenha Werlich de Abreu. “The idea here too is that the team that makes the most profit will choose to donate a percentage of their profit to a charity or organization or cause.”

Brenha felt that the Business Bake-off was a huge success.