Student Government Election Results Announced for upcoming 2019-20 school year


Kathleen Lewis, Staff Writer

Tensions rose throughout the weeks preceding Apr. 17 as students awaited the results of the 2019 Student Government elections. Colorful campaign posters decorated the white paint of hallway walls. Candidates delivered cookies and brownies to lunch tables in exchange for a vote. Speakers at Atrium Announcements urged their peers to pick them for class president.

On the morning of Wednesday, Apr. 17, the anticipated results finally came in during the daily RaiderVision episode. See the infographic above for a full list of election winners.

Junior Chiara von Gerlach, the new student body president, was especially thrilled with the results.

“I worked really hard during the campaign week, and I think I can make next year really fun for everyone,” said Von Gerlach. “I have a lot of ideas, and as president, I have a way to foster those ideas.”

Like Von Gerlach, other newly elected officers have big plans for next year.

“I really like being involved in school and it’s interesting to be behind the scenes,” said freshman Sam Cano, who will be the sophomore class president. “I want to raise school spirit, and with that comes participation in the skit and the t-shirt design.”

This idea of raising school spirit will be a running theme for next year’s Student Government. Newly elected officers will also work to get more students involved in school activities, according to Activities Director Danielle Bowen.

We’re going to work really hard next year to make sure school spirit does come up,” said Von Gerlach. “But there are going to be so many other little things to make high school fun for everyone.”

“Unfortunately I think the school population doesn’t quite grasp what the student government does, and because of that they tend not to vote or it becomes a popularity vote,” said Bowen. “That worries me, because I think more people should be involved or should want to be involved.”

Additionally, there were some unusual circumstances surrounding this year’s school election.

“There were a number of positions in the senior class that ran uncontested,” said Bowen. “In other elections it was closer, within twenty or fifteen votes, but I think it works for and against all candidates equally.”

According to Bowen, class officers meet every week and are responsible for organizing school events like Homecoming and Spirit Week, discussing issues with administrators and representing the student body as a whole.