Students explore job opportunities at the Business Club’s Career Fair


Students speak with financial advisor Joe Traba during the Career Fair on Feb. 6. Traba spoke to them about financial advising and wealth management careers. The Fair featured booths in many business and career areas, including architecture, communications and entrepreneurship. Photo by Cindy Vega.

Kathleen Lewis, Staff Writer

One of the most important parts of being in high school is looking towards the future and finding personal interests. To help students learn about internships and interesting job opportunities, the Business Club hosted the Career Fair on Feb. 6. The event took place from 10:30am to 1:30pm and featured booths from over 20 different companies and 10 different industries.

“I enjoyed talking to the representatives of the news booth because I hope to pursue an internship in that field,” said freshman Olivia Martin-Johnson. “It was great to learn about different occupations that interest me.”

Students had the opportunity to speak with representatives from companies like Churromania, Shiver Entertainment, and Dig Miami. The gym was filled with booths for many different fields, from food to entertainment to entrepreneurship.

“The goal was for every student to leave with a slightly better idea about a career they never considered,” said business teacher Daniela Brenha Werlich de Abreu. “They could learn about a skill they should improve, a question to investigate, and a new relationship to leverage in the future.”

Students could also participate in a scavenger hunt for prizes, geared towards getting them to visit the different booths. Two days after the event, the winners of the scavenger hunt were announced during a raffle held during Atrium Announcements.  The first place winner was awarded a pair of Apple Airpods, second place a $75 Visa gift card, and third place a $50 Amazon gift card. The raffle was a fun finish to an memorable and advantageous event.

“It was really fun to play the game and win the AirPods.  I liked learning about future career opportunities at the Fair,” freshman Allegra Simon said.