The Art Walk: A Whirl of Color

Kathleen Lewis, Staff Writer

What were once ordinary math and science classrooms transformed into beautiful displays of art at the biannual Art Walk last Friday, Jan. 18. Students, teachers, and parents alike spent the evening walking through the exhibits decorated with colorful and unique student artwork.

“All these things come together as a unified voice, yet everyone had their own unique voice,” said ceramics teacher Joseph Golinski. “It’s beautiful how we can gather a large number of students and be able to share their talents, their gifts, and their voices, but doing it in a unified way.”

As short as the production was itself, students in the art program spent weeks preparing for the Art Walk and hours setting up the displays and equipment. Many of them learned that hard work does pay off.

“When we were setting up, we were having a lot of complications, but it did turn out really nicely,” said freshman Sofia Soler-Baillo. “I think everyone did a great job setting up and it looks really good.”

Among some of the most popular exhibits were “Masked!”, a hanging gallery of student-made masks installed in the Atrium, “Pop Art,” a fun and imaginative room full of bubble wrap and balloons, and “Copy and Paste,” a collection of life-size plastic people in interesting poses.

Nearly all producers and visitors of this year’s Art Walk were satisfied and proud of their work, and are excited to discover what the next event will bring.

“As far as we’ve been doing this, every year I think it gets better and better.” Said Golinski.