Blue Missions Offers a Chance to Make a Difference

Sara Ferrer, Writer and Media Manager

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From sleeping on cots with a mosquito net hanging from above, to taking bucket showers in a tent, Blue Missions service programs abroad help students discover the things they may take for granted. This past summer, students experienced the joy of giving back while working with families in the rural area of El Firme, Dominican Republic.

“I was definitely more excited than nervous going into this trip. It was a little different than what I expected but I wouldn’t have wanted it to be any other way” ”

— said junior Ricky Pierdant.

Blue Missions is a non-profit organization that welcomes high school and university students to volunteer to help bring clean water and/or sanitation services to needy areas. Currently, Blue Missions focuses on remote mountain villages in the Dominican Republic, called “campos.”

During the month of June, Gulliver student volunteers spent eight days building latrines in the campo of El Firme.  The trip focused on building functioning toilets and outhouses for the locals. “Building latrines was not as hard as it seemed, but it was definitely a team effort. What I loved most was seeing the families reactions to their new bathroom once we have completed it. It gives them privacy and comfort which is something so little to us but everything for them.” said junior Claudia Scheuren.

Aside from building latrines, Blue Missions also works on clean water projects, where volunteers build pipe systems to provide clean water to the campos. Volunteers sign up to participate and learn about their project assignment closer to the trip.  All projects rely on one thing: teamwork.

“Not only are those eight days in the campo unforgettable for us, but an unforgettable memory that will stick with the people in the campo forever” said sophomore Bianca Delgado.

This sentiment resonated with other participants, leading them to participate on the trip multiple times.

“The Summer 2019 Blue trip will be my third, and I can’t wait for it. Each trip is unique and memorable,” said Junior Isabella Quiñon.

Photo by Sara Ferrer