Reaching New Heights | David Steremberg Takes on Rock Climbing


David Steremberg

David Steremberg rock climbing ahead of his mountain climbing challenge which will take place in the Rocky Mountains over the summer.

Eduardo Kingston, Sports Editor

Junior David Steremberg is preparing to take on the Rocky Mountains in the summer by training at nearby rock climbing gyms.

Steremberg started climbing through a friend (Junior Bruce Alvarez) who introduced him and his other friends to the sport. They all went on a Saturday for the first time and Steremberg realized he enjoyed the activity because it forced him to be physically and mentally able to conquer the obstacle or course he wanted to do. Since then, he has been going to the rock climbing gym every weekend to better prepare himself to climb the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming.

“In the Summer I will be going to Wyoming for 21 days through a program (NOLS) where I will be climbing the Rocky Mountains with a group of people,” said Steremberg. “Because of this, rock climbing in indoor gyms and things like that serve as a form of training in preparation for the future.”

Since Miami’s geography doesn’t include any mountain’s, the only way he can practice is by going to gyms in Fort Lauderdale (Project Rock) and Three Lakes Park (Edge Rock). Although Steremberg has mastered the rock climbing walls, he’s intimidated by the actual mountain rock climbing.

“If I was to climb real mountains, I think I would be way more scared to do it because of the imminent threat of falling and dying. The safety aspect of indoor climbing gives me more confidence to try crazier moves,” said Steremberg.

For Steremberg, the best part of climbing is challenging himself to get to the top of the wall.

“My favorite part about climbing is how it challenges me to get to the top of the wall,” said Steremberg. “Failing a climb or a certain course makes me very frustrated and instead of quitting it forces me to persevere.”

Rock climbing has inspired Steremberg and juniors Ben Lazcano, Roberto Uribe and Leo Quintero to start their own rock climbing team, Las Cabras, which means The Goats in english.

“It (the team) actually began because we would make goat noises while we were climbing and even though it started as a joke we took it and created a social media account where we post content about climbing and tutorials on things like double dynos and rope tying,” Steremberg said.