Don’t Know What to Eat for Lunch? Try These Options Instead!


Daniel Lara

A simple salad next to some fried rice, beans, and beef.

Daniel Lara, Photographer

Sometimes, the cafeteria’s lunches can get old after seeing the same dishes time and time again. However, with the bravery of going outside your comfort zone at lunch— a burrito with rice, salad, or a pizza with toppings of your choice— exciting and nutritional meals can be achievable almost daily.

How to make your own pizza for lunch:

Every day, the lunch staff offers a special pizza (a pizza with a few toppings, usually mushrooms or meatballs) and a plain cheese pizza. If you need more than those options, here are some alternatives to spice it up!

  1. Grab the cheese pizza from lunch
  2. Go to the salad bar
  3. Depending on what the salad bar has that day, you can add bacon bits, tuna, or any other meat you like
  4. Put some tomatoes
  5. Add some lettuce
  6. Serve it

Bulking up? Make a 1200-calorie burrito in 10 minutes!

  1. Grab the green tortilla provided near the panini maker area
  2. Add one scoop of rice for the base
  3. Add some small bits of chicken
  4. Go to the deli area and add some cheese (whatever your preference)
  5. If they’re serving it, get the rotisserie-seasoned tofu
  6. Add your preferred salad
  7. Add some honey mustard
  8. Wrap the burrito
  9. Bring some utensils just in case the ingredients fall out during your eating
  10. Serve it

Trying to lose weight? Try this simple salad solution

  1. Go to the salad bar
  2. Get some lettuce
  3. Get some tomatoes from the deli area (panini bar)
  4. Add some croutons
  5. Lightly dress your salad
  6. Serve it

A simple salad next to some fried rice, beans, and beef.

What if you need to carb up for that big game later today? I have you covered!

  1. Grab a tortilla 
  2. Add rice
  3. Get some plain-cooked pasta
  4. Add either the pesto or marinara sauce (whatever they are serving)
  5. If serving, add noodles
  6. Add some parmesan cheese
  7. Wrap it 
  8. Serve it

Just recently, there has been an increase in popularity with student created lunches. Students are getting creative, and choosing freely what they want to eat. For example, Junior Lucas Armado says, “Well, the other day, I saw a freshman girl making a little tortilla with some chicken and rice with those green tortillas. I wanted to try them out so I grabbed some rice, beans, and some of that chicken. I haven’t tried it yet, but I would rather have this than [my usual lunch.]” Students are actively choosing healthier options for lunch.