Up the Crows | Students Come Together to Form Soccer Team


Benji Berger

Cuervos FC founders Eduardo Kingston, Carlos Garcia, Felix Montesano and Sebastian Ulloa post after winning a match against their rivals.

Eduardo Kingston, Sports Editor

Cuervos FC is a soccer team founded by Upper School students with a goal of sharing passion for the beautiful game.

Juniors Eduardo Kingston, Carlos Garcia, Sebastian Ulloa and Felix Montesano came up with the idea of creating the team two years ago during their lunch periods. Although they had the idea, they never turned it into reality. This year they came together and decided to put the plan into action and start the team.

Cuervos FC has a total of 11 players who all share the same passion, soccer. Currently, the team only plays friendlies with local teams, but by the end of the year they are planning to join an amateur soccer league in Miami and are planning on creating their own local tournament.

“Cuervos fuels my soul,” said Ulloa. “Cuervos is making big moves this year as we are in the process of joining an amateur league and starting our own Cuervos Cup. We currently are in our preseason and are preparing by playing friendlies with other local teams. This doesn’t mean that the pressure isn’t on since we have played in two Miami Derby’s against our rivals.”

Although Cuervos FC enjoys playing games they also enjoy giving back to the community. 

“One of our main upcoming initiatives is our Cuervos Academy. We plan to share our love of the game with a younger crowd and teach them the basics,” said Montesano. “I believe it is important to spread this passion as it conserves the future of our club. We plan to host a summer camp early this summer but the specifics still need to be worked out. Keep your eyes out for the Cuervos Academy.”

One of the most important aspects to grow the team is by social media. Since their launch, Cuervos FC gained numerous followers on both Instagram and TikTok (@cuervosfc_miami). They consistently post about their recent matches, player features, holidays, etc. 

“Our social media is a very important element of the club because we are always trying to reach new people who are also passionate about the sport and can connect with us. We don’t just want people to like a boring post and scroll on, which is why we always have our personality and values as a team reflected in everything we post, whether it’s celebrating a good result in a game or wishing our followers a happy Easter,” said Garcia.